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The Scho Show Episode 159: Where does the Patriots’ struggling offense go from here?

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The New England Patriots’ slim playoff chances were dashed on Sunday with a loss to the Miami Dolphins. On yet another NFL afternoon, the offense failed to show any sort of punch, and that amounted to a season-crippling defeat down in South Beach.

In the first half of this show, we look at how this loss came about on both a micro- and a macro-level. The offense is the focus of discussion, as expected, but the defense is not let off the hook either.

Then in the second half of the show the book is closed on 2020, as the roster evaluation process for 2021 has to begin in earnest, starting now. Of course, that starts with the quarterback position. Thoughts on Cam Newton and Jarrett Stidham give way to free agency, the draft and, yes, the draft evaluation process.

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