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Coping With Loss: Buffalo Bills Edition

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Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

I’d like to think that I’ve finally written my last one of these...but at this point who the hell knows.

I hope you’ll forgive me from taking a page from the 2020 New England Patriots and completely crapping the bed with this (hopefully) final Coping With Loss Article - not because there aren’t any positives to take away from the game, but more because I don’t think any of you need these articles anymore. In the past, there were more than few despondent Pats fans moping after a tough loss, and the purpose of these articles was to provide a bit of optimism and remind anyone who needed to hear it that all was not, in fact, lost.

But I’m not one to not finish what I start, even when I half-ass it, so let’s get to it.

Who cares? The season is over, this team stinks, and nothing we saw on Monday changed that one way or another. I can’t imagine there’s any Patriots fans out there fuming over this loss. We’re all just playing out the string and waiting for the season to be over so the Patriots can start the rebuild.

No, seriously...does anybody care about this loss? I haven’t talked to a single person who has given a single thought to this loss. The game is over, that’s that, it did absolutely nothing to move the needle in any direction, and on we go.

One more to go. This time next week, the season will be over. It’s a final game against the hapless Jets, and then the 2020 campaign comes to an end. Each game ending is a sigh of relief for a year that never really came to fruition at any point for the Patriots, starting with the opt outs and going straight downhill from there. So let’s just get through this last game and move on.

Good for the Bills. I’ve always liked Buffalo. It’s a great franchise with a pretty impressive history. They were the class of the AFC for multiple years shortly after I started watching football regularly, and I always rooted for them in the playoffs and Super Bowl. I’m pulling for them hard to make a deep run in the playoffs. The only thing that concerns me is, good luck getting any Bills fan to social distance and stay away from crowds if Buffalo makes the Super Bowl.

The McRib is back! There are two kinds of people in this world: people who love the McRib, and people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Every once in a while, McDonald’s takes a look at pain and suffering going on in the world and decides to bring it’s delicious, tender, congealed slab of barbecued deliciousness back into our lives. If that doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will.