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The Scho Show Episode #78: Mock Draft Monday 4.0

Tune in!

Mock draft simulations are all about testing out various theories. In Mock Draft Monday 4.0 here at The Scho Show, the hypothesis is this: If value is to be found in picks 40-100 of this draft, how can the New England Patriots go about achieving that goal. In the first half of this episode, Mark Schofield does exactly that, pulling off two trades to acquire a pick in the second round, and an additional pick in the third round.

What he does with those picks, however, might have been underwhelming, given what comes in the second half of the show.

As we do on each Mock Draft Monday, the listener mocks take up the second half of the show. This week, it is pretty clear: The listeners did a better job at hunting value than Mark did.

If you want to participate in a future episode of Mock Draft Monday, you can send your mocks in via Twitter to Mark at @MarkSchofield, or through the Scho Show Slack Channel. Reach out via twitter or email mark (dot) schofield @ insidethepylon (dot) com.

You can listen to the episode here. Also make sure to subscribe to the Pats Pulpit Podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Podcasts.