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Report: The Tennessee Titans want to re-sign QB Ryan Tannehill before the tag deadline

And if they do, one would assume they wouldn’t also be signing Tom Brady. Right?

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NFL: AFC Wild Card-Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Man, was Thursday ever brutal for those of us like your faithful writers trying to keep up with every last crumb of Tom Brady news. Let’s talk about another pending free agent quarterback for a bit!

Well, we’re still talking about Tom Brady, even though we’re talking about another team and that team’s quarterback that used to be our division rival quarterback, because everything this offseason comes back to Brady. He’s the Kevin Bacon of this NFL offseason, except for instead of Six Degrees, it’s usually, like two, tops.

Having said that, one of the 2020 rumors that’s consistently been out there is that TB12 would be a solid fit playing for the team coached by the guy that used to play safety on scout team for extra conditioning and pick Tommy off by jumping the snap count, Titans head coach Mike Vrabel. Which, in a Madden GM mode sense, makes perfect sense. Except for the part where the Titans could very well re-sign the quarterback that was Pro Football Focus’s top-rated quarterback of 2019, the man, the myth, the legend, Ryan Tannehill.

Pardon me, Tanne-THRILL, as the locals call him. Trust me, I live here. There’s t-shirts and everything.

Anyway, with the new CBA still up in the air, the Titans are reportedly trying to get Ryan Tannehill re-signed before the tag window closes, which if my math is right is March 12th, 2020. H/T to our good buddies at Music City Miracles:

If you’re at work or class or whatever and/or forgot your headphones, Rap doesn’t offer much of anything in the way of details, he just says the Titans are going to try to get a deal with Tannehill before the window closes to lock him in. That’s, as overused as this expression is, literally it.

That being said, the dominos for the Patriots here are pretty freaking obvious; assuming the Titans are working on a deal that’s at least a few years long, that’d take them out of the possible Tom Brady free-agent game for the rest of TB12’s career, and while it’d make Tennessee a pretty formidable opponent for the rest of TB12’s career too, it’d also knock (IMO) the best, most talented, complete team that could be in play for the GOAT’s services decisively out of the running.

Also, at the risk of being Captain Obvious, if the Titans don’t lock up the Comeback Player of the Year, they run the risk of having both Tannehill and former 2nd overall pick Marcus Mariota walk for nothing, and also being guaranteed nothing even if Tom Brady does eventually hit free agency. Which, if you’ve been in quarterback no-man’s-land as long as the Titans have, is presumably a situation that sounds about as much fun as going to the dentist.

Finally, not like I’m any kind of insider or have #sources or anything, but like I said, I do currently reside in Music City USA about a $10.00 Uber right from Nissan Stadium, and trust me when I say that if Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel let Tannehill walk and sign Tom instead, let’s just say it’d make the downtown scene from the 2016-2017 Stanley Cup look like a backyard barbecue by comparison. Except in a pitchforks and torches sort of way, not a fun way.

So this is definitely a situation worth keeping an eye on, cause while Bill Belichick is often genuinely grumpy in his press conferences unless he’s talking about 1970s punt block formations, Mike Vrabel seems to genuinely enjoy messing with everyone when the Tom Brady subject comes up.

As always, we’ll keep you posted on Tom Brady Watch 2020 as more info becomes available.