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‘I’m happy for him either way’: Marshall Newhouse gives his two cents on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

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When the New England Patriots lost starting right tackle Marcus Cannon to what later turned out to be a short-term shoulder injury on opening week of the 2019 regular season, they went out to get some veteran help at the position by signing Marshall Newhouse as a free agent. Newhouse eventually played a bigger role than initially anticipated, and started nine games — eight of which protecting the blindside of future Hall of Famer Tom Brady.

In this role, the 31-year-old got a close look at what life is like when playing alongside the greatest quarterback of all time. Last week, the impending unrestricted free agent spoke about his experience when he visited SB Nation on Radio Row down at the Super Bowl in Miami. Talking to hosts R.J. Ochoa and Jeanna Thomas, who spoke with the veteran lineman on behalf of the Pats Pulpit Podcast Network, Newhouse gave his two cents on Brady.

The proverbial elephant in the room was of course the uncertain future of the man who led the Patriots to six Super Bowl titles. Newhouse, however, took a rather measured approach when talking about the topic: “You guys have to fill that space while you’re waiting. I’m sure that’s agonizing for y’all. But for me, I’m just excited for him either way. I mean, he’s provided 20 years so far of amazing football, championship level football.”

“Greatest of all time football and done so at a detriment to his own market value. So if that’s the route he chooses, I’m happy for him,” continued when talking about Brady potentially entering the free market in mid-March. “If he chooses to continue on the path that he’s on — stay with the Patriots, leave, whatever — he’s earned that right absolutely without question. So I’m just happy to have played with him this year, been a part of a season.”

As noted above, Newhouse and Brady share the same fate: both their contracts are scheduled to expire next month, and the offensive tackle obviously thinks that the quarterback has earned the right to make whichever decision he thinks is the best for him personally whether it is leaving New England after a legendary 20-year tenure or returning to the team and continuing to play in a familiar environment.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled for the opportunity he has in front of him, he and his family. There’s a lot of things he takes into account, so we’ll see where it goes — but I’m happy for him either way,” Newhouse noted while also pointing out his gratefulness for having spent almost an entire season in the same locker room as Brady. “It didn’t end the way we wanted to, but he’s an all-time great, and an incredible teammate.”

With that, Newhouse shifted away from Brady’s uncertain future to praising the 42-year-old for his leadership and demeanor as a teammate: “That’s the part that, I think — I don’t know if people can shout it loud enough from the rooftops that he’s an incredible teammate. He’s encouraging, he holds you accountable, he’s demanding, but he puts the work in himself and then you know he shows up on Sunday.”

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