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The Patriots will be featured on Amazon’s ‘All or Nothing’ this year, sort of

New England will play a minor role in the fifth episode of the show.

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New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Last offseason, fans of the New England Patriots were treated to two NFL Films specials about the 2018 world championship team: the Patriots were not just featured on the traditional America’s Game profiling their journey to the Super Bowl title, but also on the third installment of the Do Your Job series that originally debuted after the team’s victory in 2014.

The current offseason, of course, will be different after the Patriots were already eliminated from the playoffs on wild card weekend. That being said, fans will still be able to see the team in one behind-the-scenes documentary: All or Nothing, which will premiere on Friday, February 7, on Amazon Prime Video. While the series follows the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2019 season, New England will also be prominently featured.

After all, the two teams met in Week 11 of the regular season with New England winning with a final score of 17-10 — a game that will be part of the show’s fifth episode. The focus will obviously be on the Eagles, but there is at least some Patriots-related content to be found as our friends at Bleeding Green Nation pointed out after previewing the show:

[Brandon] Graham gets super hyped up for the Pats game. “Today he’s Tim Brady cause he ain’t gonna be himself today!”

Interesting moment where a camera guy tells [Carson] Wentz about what Tony Romo is saying about the [Dallas] Goedert’s reviewed touchdown. Just funny to think about a player hearing about what the color guy is saying about the game during the game.

Liked Brandon Brooks talking to [J.J. Arcega-Whiteside] after a first down conversion: “Hey, when you needed to make a play, you made it. Remember that. Remember that.” Amazon does a good job of capturing little leadership moments like that.

This is not the first time the Patriots will be part of the series although in a passive role: in 2016, All of Nothing chronicled the Los Angeles Rams’ return to California and also filmed the team’s game in Foxborough that season. Not only did New England win that contest en route to earning another championship, the show also captured the hilarious moment when Rams head coach Jeff Fisher failed to find his challenge flag during the game: