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Report: the Chargers would rather draft a QB than sign Tom Brady

Sounds like a great plan, they should definitely go with that

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s applicable movie quote:

“Do I really look like a guy with a plan?”

Also, a serious question for the Los Angeles Chargers. Try asking it out loud. Do they really look like a team with a plan?

It’s been a long week and I have neither the time nor the crayons to point out all the ways that the Chargers have failed to assemble a competent football team around QB Phillip Rivers for the entirety of his (possible Hall of Fame?) career, so let’s just say if there was one team where you’d look at all the All-Pros they’d cranked out over the Brady era and wonder “how on earth did they mess THAT up?”, then, well, San Diego is a strong contender.

Nevertheless, the Bolts have been a popular choice for a post-Patriots Tom Brady for months now, because *Arnold Schwarzenegger voice* California, and because offensive weapons, and the idea that the team needs some hype heading into their new digs in LA.

According to this report, though, the Chargers would rather build their hype and sell jerseys the old-fashioned way: by using the very high draft pick they earned by being bad at football to draft a quarterback instead.

From NESN (which, I’m still not used to that wavy logo yet):

Check out this report from Bleach Report’s Matt Miller:

What will the Los Angeles Chargers do at quarterback? All signs from league sources indicate the team will draft a signal-caller—either Justin Herbert or Tua Tagovailoa— in the first round, but within the last three days there have been a number of unsolicited calls and texts about a trade for Cam Newton.

This makes sense. The Chargers need a quarterback, but they also need to sell tickets. Bringing in a household name and marketable option is business savvy and football smart if Newton is healthy. The most likely move is still to draft the next franchise quarterback at No. 6 overall, but there’s enough buzz surrounding a Newton trade to mention it here.

Here’s the original Bleacher Report, um, report that they’re referencing if you want to check out the whole thing.

And since we’re in the molasses-slow part of the offseason right now, it’s a good a time as any to throw the question out there: are there really that many teams that’d be legitimately interested in 2-3 years (optimistically) of Tom Brady? Interested enough to invest $25 million plus per year and build your whole team around that premise?

Sorry, that was kind of a Bill Simmons way to end this, I’m just starting to wonder if the number of teams that’d actually throw down the guaranteed $$ if Brady even gets to free agency in the first place is as high as some people seem to think it is.