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2020 NFL free agency: Julian Edelman insists Tom Brady will return to the Patriots, but the quarterback doesn’t look so convinced

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NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

This week has been a busy one for the NFL — from the scouting combine taking place in Indianapolis, to the franchise tag window opening, to labor negotiations being one step closer to a new collective bargaining agreement. Along the way, the rumor mill kept working overtime as well, particularly in relation to the game’s biggest star: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who is set to enter unrestricted free agency on March 18.

Reports out of Indianapolis painted a bleak picture, but should not necessarily be taken at face value. It seems that Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman sees it the same way as a clip coming out of the Syracuse vs North Carolina men’s college basketball game shows: Edelman visited the contest alongside Brady (and, for some reason, late night host Jimmy Fallon) and repeatedly told the camera that his teammate would not leave New England:

While Edelman insisted that the future Hall of Famer would eventually re-sign with the Patriots either before or during free agency — the first scenario is far more likely given Brady’s contract structure — the man in question did not look all that convinced. While the microphones did not pick up any sound, it appears as if Brady either replied with “he’s not” or “this guy.” Either way, the 43-year-old did not look too pleased with the attention.

Considering that free agency does not open for another 16 days, however, Brady should get used to the attention whether he likes it or not: even with the combine being underway, his future was the biggest story in Indianapolis all week long. Until a decision will be made one way or another, it will remain the talk of many towns all over the country.