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Happy 3/28 Day, Patriots Nation!

A small moment of celebration amidst turbulent times.

Atlanta Falcons Vs New England Patriots At Gillette Stadium Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

What a wild time to be alive.

There’s more uncertainty in the world right now than there has ever been in most of our lifetimes. We’re in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic. Our economic future is uncertain. Nobody has any idea who is going to win the AFC East this year. What were once givens, things we simply assumed were always going to be true, are all suddenly in flux. If you find yourself a little anxious this morning, know that you aren’t alone, and that we’re all in this together.

Which is why it’s my great honor to wish you and yours a very happy 3/28 Day. In times like these, it’s always great to celebrate the good still left in the world, and on this day every year from now until the apocalypse (which might be a lot sooner than any of us would like to admit), Patriots fans everywhere can (virtually, of course) get together to give thanks and remember the time where the Patriots were down 28-3 to the Atlanta Falcons with two minutes left in the third quarter of Super Bowl LI. At one point, Atlanta’s odds of victory were over 99%. Of course, we all know what happened next; Tom Brady did Tom Brady things and led his team to the most improbable comeback we will ever see. It was one of the most incredible sports moments in history, and I know to a lot of Patriots fans it’s the single greatest event that has ever occurred. I personally place Super Bowl XXXVI atop my own list, but if 34-28 in overtime is your #1, I certainly won’t begrudge you.

So take some time today to appreciate just how blessed we’ve been as Patriots fans. Watch some Super Bowl Highlights. Wave to a fellow Patriots fan from the appointed six feet of separation. And enjoy the day as best you can.

Happy 3/28 Day, folks.