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Deep Down the Middle: The Pats Madness Bracket Special

It’s March. We have brackets.

Welcome to episode 6 of Deep Down the Middle — a new show hosted by senior Pats Pulpit staffer Brian Phillips and Pats Pulpit writer Ryan Keiran!

In this episode, Pat Lane — co-host of Pats Pulpit’s Pats Nation Podcast — joins Ryan and Brian to break down this year’s PATS MADNESS bracket, where 64 of the New England Patriots’ biggest draft and free agency busts in the Belichick era have been distributed into four regions. The guys wittle the field down to an Un-Elite Eight, a Frightful Four, and eventually, they crown the dynasty's “biggest bust”.

Here’s the link to Pat’s article which breaks down the format, and here’s a look at the blank bracket:

Deep Down the Middle will be fresh and new every Wednesday on Facebook Live, the Pats Pulpit YouTube channel, and your podcast feeds as a member of the Pats Pulpit Podcast network.

Thanks for tuning in!