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2020 NFL free agency: Taking a deep dive into the real story behind Tom Brady’s decision for next year

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For months now, you’ve been reading people trying to give you the real story on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his upcoming free agency. Until now, however, we haven’t heard the real story. Now, I’m not typically in the business of breaking news, but this one just fell in my lap, and I thought it was my duty to share it with all of you.

According to what I’ve heard, it is possible that Tom Brady will come back and play for the Patriots next season. I also have confirmation that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick both, in fact, own cell phones. Whether they use them to make phone calls, or simply play Candy Crush is still unclear. I’ve also heard that it’s possible he would leave and play for one of the other 31 teams in the league. Just which team that would be is unclear right now, but they are definitely a team in either the AFC or NFC, and will have at least one game broadcast on Thursday night.

I know this is a lot to take in right now, but there’s more, so try to keep up with me.

We have all heard the reports of Brady insisting the Patriots bring in more weapons for him to consider coming back. One person told me Brady was requesting Randy Moss, Ben Coates, and Calvin Johnson. My efforts to confirm this information have been unsuccessful, but at least one person is saying it. I have also been told that Brady is unlikely to return to the Patriots if their No. 1 receiver is Doug Gabriel next season, so let’s hope they go into the season with a better plan than that. Lastly, I have heard that getting more weapons might possibly help persuade Tom to come back to the Patriots next season, but also may not guarantee his commitment to return the team.

You may be wondering how I could possibly have so many sources to get all this information. The simple answer is that I don’t.

I completely made up all that stuff.

(Or did I? Of course I did, although you gotta admit it would be pretty fun to have Randy, Big Ben, and Calvin back out there).

Everyone just needs to take a few deep breaths right now. The “reports” that come out every few days about Brady’s decision making have given us no actual information or hint towards his actual decision making process. So, in that way, this article isn’t much different from any of those informed reports

Do I think he’ll be back? Yes. Do I have any evidence or legit information about that? No. Am I ready for a world in which Tom Brady is not the Patriots quarterback? No. And, so here we are, where we’ve been since January 5th, just hoping that Tom decides to come back, and that Bill wants him back.

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