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Film room: Potential Patriots draft day target Jordan Love is a boom-or-bust prospect

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Alex Rollins from Niners Nation took to the film room this week to dissect potential New England Patriots draft day target Jordan Love out of Utah State. Love has shockingly high upside but is a flawed prospect as Alex explains:

Come draft night on April 23, as quarterback-needy teams huddle in their dining rooms and the coffee slowly cools, the speculation heats up: who, or what, is Jordan Love? Every year there’s a quarterback prospect whose raw but explosive talents could be honed and developed in the proper system. This year, that player is Love, who possesses the physical abilities and sky-high potential of the next great quarterback but is underdeveloped in many critical areas.

His career at Utah State was defined by inconsistency. It was largely a juxtaposition of all the good of 2018 with all the bad of 2019. In 2018, the Aggies won 11 games, the most for their program since 2012. Love broke out with 3,567 yards, 32 touchdowns and just six interceptions, thrusting him into the national spotlight. Then came 2019: they fired their coaching staff, lost nine of 11 offensive starters, and the team fell apart. Love led the nation with 17 interceptions and his numbers regressed in almost every category.

All of the inconsistency and turnover within the program directly translated to his struggles on the field. The only thing consistent about his game is that it’s inconsistent. We know he has the physical tools, but what I want to know is how he uses those physical tools: Can he consistently weaponize them with his mental processing, anticipation and awareness? Will he change the fortunes of a franchise and take them to the promised land? Or will he sink their battleship?

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