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Here’s where you can order the new Patriots uniforms!

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Earlier today, the New England Patriots released their new look for the 2020 season: the team is moving to its color rush uniforms full-time as its home ensemble, with a new white addition added as the road jerseys. While more of a redesign than an entirely new outfit, there are some notable changes compared to the old look that the team first introduced in 2000 and wore through the 2019 season — aka. the entirety of the Tom Brady era.

The most notable is the shoulder stripes, which are now red and white and red and blue, respectively, depending on the look. The Patriots also decided to alter the font a little bit, opting for a cleaner look compared to the previous one. All in all, the team is going in a more simple direction — and one that might pave the way for the red throwback jerseys to be introduced as an alternative in case the NFL’s helmet rule changes in 2021.

With all that said, you can get already order your new-look Patriots jerseys to be ready for the season ahead!

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Sony Michel

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