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Film room: Breaking down film with NFL draft prospect Zack Moss

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Alex Rollins was joined in the film room this week to dissect one of the top running back prospects in this year’s draft, Zack Moss out of Utah. While the New England Patriots are well-positioned when it comes to the depth in their offensive backfield, Moss is one of the most intriguing ball-carriers due to his abilities as a power runner:

On this week’s episode, I was joined by Utah Utes’ legend and NFL draft prospect, running back Zack Moss. Zack broke down his game film, and provided insight on the ins and outs of his play style, and what he’s seeing on the field.

“I’m looking at just where the defense lines up originally — if it’s a regular 4-3-based, where are there toes at, are they at five yards, or are they have four-and-a-half yards?” Zack said. “Just the small nuances, realizing that if the corner are playing outside technique, head-up, and where their eyes are. Just to realize where the blitzes are coming from. Figure out these guys’ tendencies, what they like to do if they are coming in with a pass rush, if they are more of speed guys, or if they are running into your face.”

“All those things are very, very important. Once you learn all those things about each guy on the defense, it allows you to play a lot faster.”

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