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Robert Kraft shares his thoughts on Richard Seymour making the Patriots Hall of Fame: ‘The consummate professional and leader’

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New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars

It may have taken him five tries, but Richard Seymour is finally headed to the New England Patriots’ Hall of Fame: the 40-year-old beat out fellow finalists Mike Vrabel and Bill Parcells, and was announced as the winner of this year’s fan vote earlier on Monday. He will officially receive his red jacket and be enshrined on a yet-to-be-announced date later this year, and thus take his place among the legendary men who have helped shape the franchise.

Seymour has received congratulations from former teammates such as Tedy Bruschi since the announcement, and also was lauded for his contributions to the Patriots organization by team owner Robert Kraft. In a statement released by the club, Kraft praised Seymour as a foundational-type defender, and also pointed out that his enshrinement into this Hall of Fame should be followed by one into pro football’s as well.

“Richard Seymour laid the foundation for a defense that helped propel the Patriots to three Super Bowl championships in his first four seasons in the NFL,” said Kraft about his team’s former first-round draft selection. “Richard was the consummate professional and leader, always accepting the roles he was assigned, putting team goals ahead of personal ones, and in turn, raising the game of everyone around him.”

“Yet as great as he was as a player, he is a Hall of Fame-caliber person, as well. I couldn’t be happier for Richard and the Seymour family, and I am looking forward to celebrating with them as Richard takes his rightful place in the Patriots Hall of Fame and very soon the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton,” added Kraft while referencing the two times Seymour unsuccessfully reached the final round of the Pro Football Hall of Fame process.

Seymour’s résumé certainly would qualify him for this honor as well, but for now the Patriots’ Hall will do — not just because of his four-time finalist status as well, but also because he definitely belongs in the same category as the other dynasty-era defenders already enshrined: Tedy Bruschi (2013), Ty Law (2014), Willie McGinest (2015) and Rodney Harrison (2019). Seymour now takes his spot alongside them, and it seems likely that Mike Vrabel will follow soon.