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Patriots quarterback Jarrett Stidham and his wife Kennedy donate more than 1,000 meals to support local families

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Hockomock YMCA

Jarrett Stidham will be in spotlight soon enough considering that the 23-year-old is projected to become the New England Patriots’ new starting quarterback this season following Tom Brady’s free agency departure. During the current offseason, however, he appears to be keeping a low profile as evidenced by a recent charity event: he and his wife, Kennedy, donated over 1,000 meals this week but no TV cameras or media were present.

The Stidhams appeared at the North Attleboro Community School to deliver the Chik-Fil-A meals to families who have been impacted economically by the current Coronavirus crisis. The Hockomock YMCA later posted photos of the event via its social media accounts:

The YMCA may have shared images from the event and the Stidhams’ charitable gesture, but the second-year quarterback and his wife were trying to stay out of the spotlight as Hockomock YMCA president Ed Hurley told MassLive’s Matt Vautour.

“He wanted to do something to help kids specifically during this pandemic. When he heard about some of the things we were doing we came up with the idea of providing a meal for them,” Hurley said. “The thing that impressed me was that this was something he wanted to do quietly. There was no advance release to the media about it. He just wanted to be there with his wife and just do something to help kids. That’s what he did [...].”

The donation supported a program that feeds kids who would be getting a school lunch under normal circumstances, and additional food for weekends. The Stidhams furthermore paid for lunch for children and staff at two of YMCA’s emergency child care for first responders and essential personnel locations, according to MassLive.

“When you see somebody as young as Jarrett and his wife doing something like this, it’s impressive at any time,” Hurley added. “But at this time, so many people are hurting out there. I was so impressed meeting Jarrett and Kennedy today for the first time today. We’ve gotten to see what great people they are over the years and Jarrett and Kennedy Stidham are just another example of quality people who are part of the Patriot family. They got to see the smiles they put on a lot of faces.”