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The Scho Show Episode #109: AFC East metrics that really matter

Tune in!

Episode 109 of The Scho Show is here to get your week started off right. In the first half of the show, Mark Schofield highlights a summer series he is working on over at USA Today. Titled “Metrics that Matter,” Mark is diving into one statistic that might tell the story for each of the league’s 32 teams.

In this episode, Mark outlines the metrics that matter for each of the AFC East teams. From Josh Allen’s downfield passing to quarterback efficiency from the New York Jets, and everything in between, these are the numbers that might tell the story of the 2020 season.

In the second half of the show, Mark dives into a leftover question from the previous episode on New England Patriots undrafted rookie Jeff Thomas, has some thoughts on Trevor Lawrence, and outlines the summer scouting project.

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