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The Scho Show Episode #105: Jarrett Stidham is the Patriots’ plan at quarterback

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Episode 105 of The Scho Show begins, as few good podcasts do, on the nightstand.

When host Mark Schofield woke up on Sunday morning he did what so many people do as soon as they wake up: He checked his phone. What did he find? A slew of football writers reacting to the Dallas Cowboys signing Andy Dalton lamenting the fact that the New England Patriots did not sign him. A common refrain? “Do the Patriots even have a plan at quarterback.”

They do. Yes, Virginia, there is a plan: Jarrett Stidham.

In the second half of the show, Mark takes you to a steamy September night down on the Bayou, when the LSU Tigers had to fight off a scrappy, Bulldog of an underdog. The quarterback that, as Coach O said, punched them in the mouth? New UDFA QB J’Mar Smith.

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