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The Scho Show Episode #106: Positional value and schedule speculation

Positional Value and Schedule Speculation

Episode 106 of The Scho Show begins with... the Baltimore Ravens.

Yes, this is a New England Patriots podcast, but sometimes there are topics that transcend a single team, and this is one of those moments. The Ravens were originally viewed as a team that enjoyed a tremendous draft, with selections such as Patrick Queen, J.K. Dobbins, Malik Harrison and others. But in the past few days opinions have soured on the haul, particularly regarding running back Dobbins.

So, Mark Schofield begins with a discussion about positional value, and how the Ravens might be an exception to a logical rule in today’s game.

Then, it’s Mock Schedule Time! Yes the 2020 NFL Schedule is due to be released tonight, so let’s partake in some needless speculation!

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