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The Scho Show Episode #114: Metrics that matter in the NFC West and NFC East

Tune in!

On episode 114 of The Scho Show, Mark Schofield dives back into his Metrics that Matter series, a discussion that is unfolding over at USA Today/Touchdown Wire. In this installment, Mark looks at the teams in the NFC East and the NFC West and highlights issues that each organization needs to examine as 2020 unfolds.

In the NFC East:

  • How the Dallas Cowboys defense will respond after a down 2019
  • How the Philadelphia Eagles will look at yardage after the catch
  • How Daniel Jones will cut down on fumbles
  • How Washington’s defense will get off the field

In the NFC West:

  • How Kyler Murray will handle pocket pressure
  • How the Los Angeles Rams will get their offense back to form
  • How often the San Francisco 49ers use 21 personnel
  • How often Russell Wilson is pressured...and whether it matters

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