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Mike Vrabel explains that courtside Facetime call with Tom Brady and Julian Edelman

Much ado about hair, apparently

NFL: Preseason-New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from Super Bowl champions, Mike Vrabel is also part of another very exclusive fraternity: those who’ve busted both Bill Belichick’s and Tom Brady’s balls and lived to tell the tale.

That’s the story Vrabel told NBC Sports Boston’s The Camera Guys this week about the momentarily-infamous Facetime call he was on with Tom Brady and Julian Edelman at a Syracuse basketball game in March. At the time, being that the Titans had yet to use their franchise tag or re-sign human-fire-emoji QB Ryan Tannehill, so naturally the question was whether Vrabel’s quest to get his fourth ring and chop off a significant appendage in the process involved teaming up with the QB that got him his first 3.

Turns out, not only were the Titans never really interested in signing Brady to begin with, Vrabel just got bored and sugar-buzzed during the Combine, saw something funny on TV, and let it rip.

From CBS Sports:

“Well, I was at the combine and we have CBS on TV and we were watching the combine and watching the guys work out, and you have a million snacks back there so I was up and down like a highway,” Vrabel told NBC Sports Boston’s The Camera Guys. “I look up there and they were showing Tom and Julian, so I texted them real quick and I said, ‘Hey, did you guys get highlights for the basketball game?’ Because it looked like their hair was blonde.

“So then, of course, they immediately were mad so they wanted to yell at me because I texted them something funny. They FaceTime’d me and we’re sitting there laughing and talking. Jules is sitting there yelling into the phone as loud as he possibly can. That is how it all went down, just like we would any other time. We were just laughing and joking.”

After some of those Kentucky Derby outfits and awards show threads, a few blonde streaks would be pretty mild for either of those guys, really.

So there we have it; far from a diabolical under-the-table attempt to pry the greatest quarterback of all time away to Music City USA, it’s just a couple guys doing one of the things they do best: making fun of each other for basically no reason at all other than wearing something besides jeans and a t-shirt.

And at least we still have Jules.