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Be as fashionable as Bill Belichick: The Patriots’ New Era Summer Sideline hat collection is out

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When you look at NFL sidelines in training camp and the preseason you always see a nice uniformity, not just because all the players are wearing the same jerseys. There are also quite a lot of hats that can be spotted. Bill Belichick might wear one of them, Josh McDaniels too, maybe some players as well if they are sitting out drills or giving post-practice interviews (should they actually happen this year, that is).

With the NFL intent to start its training camp in two weeks, we will get to see those hats again — and now we know what they will look like: New Era, the league’s official hat partner has presented its designs for this year’s training camp and summer collection. They are pretty basic, to say the least: no logo, just “Patriots” written in two-colored font. If you’re looking for something fancier, maybe the straw hat will be your thing.