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The Scho Show Episode 120: Breaking down Joe Thuney and the franchise tag deadline day

Deadline Day! Plus Bill as GM Part Eleventy Billion and Two Bits.

Episode 120 of The Scho Show is live, just in time for a week’s vacation. But before Mark Schofield goes off the grid for a week, he has some takes that are piping fresh!

Well, more like warmed over, you know how we roll here.

In the first half of the show: Deadline Day! What players signed extensions? Who is playing under the tag? What about Joe Thuney? Why is Running Backs Don’t Matter Twitter in an uproar? And will A.J. Green break Schofield’s heart?

Then in the second half of the show, Schofield wades into the “Belichick as GM” debate once more.

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