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The Scho Show Episode 121: Addressing the Coronavirus reality

A Return, The Rona and Quality Time with Rudy Reyes.

After a week of R and R, Mark Schofield is back with Episode 121 of The Scho Show. He ever so briefly recounts his trip to the Outer Banks, before diving into the news of Monday.

And there was news, as we awoke to word that the Miami Marlins were dealing with an outbreak of COVID-19 in their locker room. That, coupled with information that more players in the NFL have either tested positive for COVID-19, or have decided to opt out due to concerns over the virus, is a reality that needs to be addressed.

Then, Quality Time! Rudy Reyes of the Rude Dog Show joined Mark to chat about the season ahead. They discussed the many storylines in the league, the Pittsburgh Steelers on both sides of the football, Cam Newton in New England, the NFL and COVID-19, and Rudy’s Super Bowl Pick.

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