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The Scho Show Episode 134: Will Joejuan Williams become the Patriots’ tight end eraser?

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The Scho Show is back for the 134th installment! In this show, we revisit the idea of defensive versatility using insight from head coach Bill Belichick. Then, it’s to the tape, or... the broadcast... or whatever.

We dive into Kyle Dugger and how the New England Patriots used him in his first NFL game. Reviews? Mixed in a sense. Better still was what we saw from second-year cornerback Joejuan Williams. New England has needed a tight end eraser for years — perhaps they finally have one.

Then in the second half of the show, we’re on to Seattle. We know about Russell Wilson. That is where we should focus on Sunday night, because how the Patriots defend him — and how successful they are at it — might give us a roadmap for the entire season. Plus, Jamal Adams. He’s... gonna be a problem.

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