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The Scho Show Episode 135: Looking at the bright side from the Patriots’ loss in Seattle

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Normally after a loss, The Scho Show shifts into sadness mode. The episodes are titled “Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness” episodes, we play sad music, and Mark Schofield gets in his feelings for about thirty minutes or so.

This is not a sad episode.

Because what we saw on Sunday night was a New England Patriots team that was fun to watch, was figuring out its identity over the course of 60 minutes in the Pacific Northwest, and had one final shot at a win in a game that seemed out of reach. A final shot at a win in a game where they had gotten down by two scores on two different occasions, only to fight back.

Are there concerns? Yes. Is this team perfect? No. Are the concerns fixable? Maybe?

But this was fun to watch. So we are looking at the bright side today.

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