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The Scho Show Episode 138: Honoring the Patriots offensive line and scouting the Chiefs’ offense

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It is time for our first ode of 2020! That’s right we cue up the Skyrim music, we stream into the mead halls, and we raise our mugs in honor, as we toast the New England Patriots’ offensive line and their performance Sunday against the Las Vegas Raiders. On both power and zone designs, the linemen were doing work across the front against the Raiders, and in the first half of this show we dive into what they did to spring Rex Burkhead and Sony Michel.

Then, we look ahead, to what Week 4 has to offer. Yes, we get Brett Rypien, so that’s good. But we also get Patrick Mahomes on Sunday and this high-powered Kansas City Chiefs offense. How to slow them down? Well, that’s tough...

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