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The Scho Show Episode 168: Film observations from Day One of the Senior Bowl

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While it pains me to not be down in Mobile for this year’s Senior Bowl, that does not mean that the takes stop. Fear not dear listener, the observations roll on. Thanks to Jim Nagy and the rest of the great team that runs the Senior Bowl those with virtual credentials still have access to all of the film from practice, complete with every angle of every rep in practice.

So after a late-night/early-morning of grinding the film I’ve got some practice observations. Including, but not limited to:

  • Cautious passers on the National Roster;
  • Jamie Newman, Senior Bowl QB1?
  • A great group of pass rushers
  • Some interior offensive line talent
  • Remember the name D’Wayne Eskridge
  • American squad wide receivers
  • A cornerback from Oregon, and much much more.

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