One of the problems w/the lack of talent on the 2021 roster is the poor trading of draft picks for veterans that GM Belichick has done from 2017-2020..

During those years BB traded 17 draft picks for 17 veteran players and received 9 lower draft picks in return..

You know the type of deal..a 4th for JEleumenor and a 6th returning..

Well NONE of those 17 veteran players that he traded for are with the 2022 team and the devaluation of the Pats draft equity plunged w/many of these deals..

3 of these deals were successes ..not a great hit rate (approx 17%).YAY Danny Shelton, Jason McCourty and Cordarelle Patterson, all in 2018, BUT misses on Cassius Marsh, Korey Cunningham, JEluemenor, Russell Bodine, Michael Jackson, Isaiah Ford, Kony Ealy, Dwayne Allen et al have put a serious crimp in their 53 man roster and draft capital..

and, of course, worst of all, the 2nd rounder for Mohammed Sanu

the jury is still out on the latest draft pick trades (2021) .. Trent Brown and Shaun Wade who so far have played 7 snaps in 4 games

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