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Mac Attack: There is a lot to like about Mac Jones’ performance against the Chargers

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The funny thing about quarterback development is that sometimes, numbers do not tell the whole story.

At first blush, the performance from New England Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones against the Los Angeles Chargers was rather pedestrian. Jones completed 18 of 35 passes for 218 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions. He was also sacked once. Looking at some more advanced metrics does not offer much in the way of highlights.

His completion percentage on Sunday of 51.4 percent was below his expected completion percentage of 63.2 percent on those throws.

Jones himself was critical of his performance.

“I definitely didn’t have my best day at all. I think everyone around me a had a great day, and that’s what football’s all about. I have to find ways to improve and that aspect of just being consistent and making the throws I know I can make,” he said after the game.

And yet...

Because when you spin through the game, you see a lot of good, even great, moments from Jones.

We’ll dive into some of those great moments from Jones in this week’s installment of Mac Attack.