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The New England Patriots Got Their Win Other Games Thread

A requested thread for other games

NFL: London Games- Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I saw a call out for an additional game thread this weekend during some drive-by moderation. Enjoy.

Early Games:

Colts @ Buffalo (CBS) Go Colts! A win by the Colts would give the Patriots sole possession of first place in the AFC East.

Ravens @ Bears (CBS) Go Bears! A loss by the Ravens would give them 4 losses, tying them with the Patriots.

Lions @ Browns (FOX) Go Lions! A Cleveland loss creates some distance between them and the Patriots for an AFC Wild Card spot.

Texans @ Titans (CBS) Go Texans! A loss by Tennessee puts a potential #1 seed tiebreaker up for grabs next week for the Patriots.

Packers @ Vikings (FOX) Go Good Game!

Dolphins @ Jets (CBS) Go Tie Game! Either way, this game will see at least one division rival not win, although a Jets win would impact strength of victory. If one team has to win, we prefer the Jets just a bit more than the Dolphins.

Saints @ Eagles (FOX) Go Saints! A win by the Saints improves the Patriots’ strength of schedule.

Football Team @ Panthers (FOX) A win by the Panthers improves the Patriots’ strength of schedule plus it’s former Patriot QB Cam Newton’s first start since re-signing with Carolina last week.

49ers @ Jaguars (FOX) Go 49ers!

Afternoon Games:

Bengals @ Raiders (CBS) Go Raiders! A Raiders win keeps them half a game back of the Chiefs with one more head to head game between the two.

Cowboys @ Chiefs (FOX) Go Cowboys! Any chance the Chiefs can be knocked down a peg would be appreciated plus Dallas is playing good football right now.

Cardinals @ Seahawks (FOX) Go Good Game!

Evening Game:

Steelers @ Chargers (NBC) Go Chargers! For strength of schedule, victory, and to see the Steelers get beaten.

Monday Game:

Giants @ Buccaneers (ESPN) Go Buccaneers! A win by Tampa helps the Patriots strength of schedule and because it’s Tom Brady.

Let the games begin.