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Mac’s Handoff Attack: How the Patriots used their running game against the Bills

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Usually here on Mac Attack, we take a deep dive into how New England Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones performed last week. However, with Jones only attempting three passes against the Buffalo Bills — completing two for a combined 19 yards — it is time to mix things up a bit.

Instead of Mac Attack, we’re going with Mac’s Handoff Attack this time around: an inside look into the run concepts the Patriots used to gain 230 yards on 42 non-kneel-down carries against Buffalo’s defense.

The Patriots liked to mix things up throughout the day. They ran crack-toss on Damien Harris’ 64-yard touchdown run. They used power to move the line of scrimmage and ran trap plays to use the Bills’ aggressiveness against them. They also employed G-lead, using the front-side guard and fullback to create rushing lanes.

The results were not always positive, but the Patriots kept pounding the rock — finishing with eight runs of 10+ yards against a defense that knew the run was coming and consistently stacked the box.

So, how did New England employ and, most importantly, execute those concepts mentioned above? Let’s find out.