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3 and Out! Recapping the Buffalo marathon, favorite Patriots ever, and more

Take part in our new variety show every Wednesday at 7 p.m. ET on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter.

Welcome back to “3 and Out!”

“3 and Out!” is a weekly segment show airing on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. ET, where two guests will join Ryan Keiran to recap the previous week, preview the coming week, participate in some fun segments before ending in the “Pick Six Trivia Competition” — a fun and interactive segment that will put our contestants’ knowledge of the New England Patriots and anything else up to the test.

Last episode, audience representative Dave Latham managed to take down Brian in overtime, winning 6-5 after an epic collapse by Brian. Our season standings are as follows:

  1. Pat Lane: 4-0 (18 points, 4.5 PPG)
  2. Mark Schofield: 1-0 (2 points, 2.0 PPG)
  3. Keagan Stiefel: 4-1 (25 points, 5.0 PPG)
  4. The Audience: 1-2 (12 points, 4.0 PPG)
  5. Brian Phillips: 1-5 (18 points, 3.0 PPG)
  6. Ryan Spagnoli: 0-3 (9 points, 3.0 PPG)

This week, Keagan and Pat match up in the penultimate regular season matchup, where the winner will earn the 1 seed in the tournament!

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