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The Scho Show Episode 176: Mock Draft Monday 4.0

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Episode 176 of The Scho Show is another Mock Draft Monday installment. In the first half of the show, Mark Schofield recounts a live mock draft that he created at the end of last week, when he was able to join the one and only Trevor Sikkema of The Draft Network for a rollicking good time. Trevor controlled the Tennessee Titans, Mark controlled the New England Patriots, and fun was had by all. Mark walks through the moves, the picks and even the first ever peer-to-peer trade in TDN’s live mock draft history.

In the second half of the show, Mark works through the dozens and dozens of mock drafts sent in this week. As always, keep sending them over, and bug Mark via Twitter/E-Mail/DM/Slack if he has not read yours yet!

You can listen to the episode here. Also, please don’t forget to rate and review!

If you want to send in future mock drafts, feel free to do so via Twitter, e-mail (mark dot schofield at insidethepylon dot com) or through the Scho Show Slack Channel.

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