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Join us for the fourth edition of the Pats Pulpit Mock Draft Show tonight at 6pm on Twitch!

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We are six weeks away from the NFL Draft, and our coverage is growing by the day. We have individual player profiles, weekly podcasts, and a spreadsheet all designed to increase your knowledge on this year’s prospects, and this year for the first time ever, we have live mock drafts where YOU can interact with us and help make some decisions.

Every Wednesday we are live on Twitch at 6pm! Bringing you a weekly mock draft show to talk about all things NFL Draft!

These live streams will allow you to interact with our hosts Ryan Keiran, Ryan Spagnoli, and Keagan Stiefel as they complete mock drafts and go in depth on different positions every week.

Last week we talked about linebackers, and broke down why the back half of the draft could be chock full of surprises. Questions arose about whether or not the New England Patriots would take a linebacker in the first round, how many could sneak into round one, and what the trade market would be to grab those guys.

You can check out our full stream from last week here.

This week we move on to EDGE defenders. Ryan, Spags, and Keagan will breakdown each EDGE selection as they are made, and discuss why hitting on that position is so important in the first round, during the course of a full one round mock draft with trades. Acting as GM’s, our hosts will discuss possible trade scenarios with each other. Each week we will make some small tweaks to keep the draft as interactive as possible.

Click the link in the tweet above to follow the Pulpit on Twitch, and turn the notifications on so you never miss a stream! See you tonight!