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The Scho Show Episode 188: What would a ‘very Belichickian’ draft look like for the Patriots?

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What would a “Very Belichickian Days 1 and 2” in the NFL draft look like for the New England Patriots?

Well, dear friend, if you have been wondering that yourself, then today’s episode of The Scho Show is just what you are looking for. In the first half of this installment, Mark Schofield provides his best look at what those three picks could look like — the first-rounder at 15, the second-rounder at 46, and the third-rounder at 96 — to give you a feel for what those picks might be.

You... Might want to be sitting down for that part of the show.

Thankfully, however, those are just educated guesses. And in the second half of the show it is time for listener mocks! Educated guesses from the gentle listeners! See! It is not as easy as it looks now, is it? We kick off the second half of the show with a leftover from last week, as well as a “Mock of Integrity 2.0” that even required a riddle...

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