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The Scho Show Episode 192: What the Teddy Bridgewater trade might mean for the Patriots and the 2021 NFL Draft

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Well, friends we have officially made it. For better or for worse, we made it. In just a few hours the Jacksonville Jaguars will finally be on the clock, and the mayhem that is the 2021 NFL Draft will begin.

To close out the run-up to draft season Mark Schofield opened up the mailbag. Topics include:

  • Allergies
  • Trading up
  • This quarterback class versus others
  • Running back value and...
  • Names

In addition Mark has a reaction to the trade that sent quarterback Teddy Bridgewater from the Carolina Panthers to the Denver Broncos — and what it could mean for the New England Patriots — as well as a final batch of listener mock drafts.

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