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Join us for the Pats Pulpit Draft Show live tonight at 7:30pm!

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Tonight careers will begin, franchises will be altered, and the landscape of the entire NFL will change. We have arrived at the most important event of the offseason; the NFL Draft!

For the past ten weeks Pats Pulpit has put out individual player profiles, weekly podcasts, and a spreadsheet all designed to increase your knowledge on this year’s prospects, and now we’ve reached our final destination. Round one of the NFL Draft. Since we’ve taken every step of the journey with you to get here, it is only right that we ride out the most unpredictable draft day in New England Patriots history with you as well.

Tonight at 7:30pm, Ryan Keiran, Keagan Stiefel, and Pat Lane will be hosting a Live Draft show on Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch for all of our readers and Patriots fans across the globe to hang out and experience the Draft in a whole new way.

Ryan, Pat, and Keagan will be joined by a bevy of guests, like Pats Pulpit superstars Ryan Spagnoli, Taylor Kyles, and Brian Phillips who will be popping in and out all night long giving their thoughts on each move and how it may affect the Patriots. They will also host a rotating panel of experts like Mark Schofield, Dave Latham, Crissy Froyd, Zach Goodall, Maxwell Millington, Stephie Smalls, and Justin Hier who will give some team/position specific takes on the first round itself.

Click the link in the tweet above to follow the Pulpit on Twitch, and turn the notifications on so you don’t miss the stream! See you tonight!