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The Patriots’ 2021 NFL draft hats are here!

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After taking place in a virtual forum a year ago, the NFL draft will return to a more familiar format this year. The league’s college player selection meeting will take place on-site in Cleveland, with a handful of prospects present to take the stage once their names get called.

This also means we will get to see the traditional “putting on the hat of the team that drafted me” moment again.

This year, all of the hats available are looking pretty much the same, with only minor differences between each team’s model.

When it comes to the New England Patriots’ that were unveiled by New Era earlier on Friday, they are rather simple in their overall design but still a bit more complex than last year’s neon-based models. They also are neither as locally inspired as the 2019 hats nor as text-based as those released back in 2018.

In case you want to purchase one (or all) of the hats New England’s draft picks will wear once selected by the club, please click here or follow the links below each of the following images:

Patriots New Era 2021 NFL Draft On-Stage 59FIFTY Fitted Hat - $39.99
Patriots New Era 2021 NFL Draft Trucker 39THIRTY Flex Hat - $33.99
Patriots New Era 2021 NFL Draft Trucker 9FIFTY Snapback Adjustable Hat - $35.99
Patriots New Era 2021 NFL Draft Trucker 9FORTY Snapback Adjustable Hat - $31.99