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Let’s temper our excitement for Patriots quarterback Mac Jones a bit

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NFL: New England Patriots Training Camp Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot of hype surrounding Mac Jones after what was an encouraging first offseason with the New England Patriot. Heading into training camp, the first-round rookie seems to realistically have a chance to compete for the New England Patriots’ starting quarterback position.

That being said, we should probably all temper our excitement for him a bit.

We are just one day into camp, after all. One day. We don’t know anything about the 2021 Patriots yet.

Am I happy that Jones performed well during the team’s first practice on Wednesday? Absolutely. Did Cam Newton struggle at times throwing the football, just like he did last season? Yes. But it is still only one day, so let’s try not to overreact.

Jones is a rookie, and there are going to be bumps along the way, even though he undoubtably had some impressive moments during his first ever camp practice:

This is great news, and I am happy that Jones can make throws like these. The real test, however, is going to be continuing to do it throughout camp and beyond. To do it on a consistent level. To do it once the pads actually go on. And to do it once he starts seeing real defenses during joint practices and preseason later this summer.

Anyone who watched Jones last year at Alabama knows that he is a talented thrower. His arm strength may not be off the charts compared to others who entered the draft alongside him earlier this year, but he can hit all the necessary passes to be a successful NFL QB. The biggest question mark is going to be his ability to read and react to defenses, both pre- and post-snap. He hasn’t even begun to do that yet.

Yes, there is reason to be excited about Jones and his potential in the New England system; to look forward to the rest of camp and preseason. However, he still has ways to go and also should not be crowned the starter... at least yet.

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