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N’Keal Harry is ‘very okay with being a Patriot’ despite his public trade request

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New England Patriots Training Camp Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

Less than one month before training camp opened, N’Keal Harry’s agent Jamal Tooson publicly requested that the New England Patriots trade his client. To this point, that request has yet to be met, but Harry himself says he’s “very okay” with it.

“I’m a Patriot right now. I’m very okay with being a Patriot,” Harry said in his post-practice media availability on Friday. “Right now I’m at a New England Patriots training camp and I’m just trying to make sure I can do everything I can to fit in with this team, and do anything I can to help this team get wins.”

When asked specifically about the trade request, Harry deferred to his representation.

“You guys can go ask my representation, y’all can have that discussion with them. I’m not focused on any of that right now.”

Harry did provide an update on what he was focused on, namely the ways in which he intended to get better on the field.

“The past couple of years I’ve been focused on playing so big ... I feel that I lost a little bit of my wiggle. [I’ve been working on] a lot of agility drills and stuff like that just to try and get that wiggle back,” said Harry. “I’ve been stretching a lot more, trying to work on my mobility ... it’s going well so far.”

Surrounding Harry in the wide receiver room are Jakobi Meyers, Kendrick Bourne, and Nelson Agholor — three men who are all expected to have defined roles on the team, so many have wondered where Harry fits. He doesn't seem to share those worries.

“We have so many good players on this team, I feel like at some point, at one point or another, we’re [all] going to be able to make a difference,” he said.

Harry even mentioned a possible role in the kicking game.

“I would love to do that ... Anything they need me to do, I'll be happy to do it.”

Despite the team never giving Harry a large role on special teams it could perhaps be what he needs to kick things into gear. Past players like Julian Edelman, Troy Brown, and Wes Welker all parlayed their special teams success into larger roles on offense.

Of course, Harry comes from a different mold. None of those players where first-round draft picks, and, to be frank none, of them had the physical ability of Harry. He understands that.

“I have very high standards for myself,” Harry said when asked what would constitute a good season for himself. “A successful season for me would just be playing to the ability that I know I can play at. I know I can play at a high level so that’s the goal I have for myself.”

Would he be happy to be a New England Patriot at the end of training camp as well?



“I feel like I can help this team win. I can have a really big role within this team.”