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New England Patriots links 7/08/21 - Still going wild about Harry trade request

Daily news and links for Thursday

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NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots
Sony Michel and N’Keal Harry: last dance in Foxboro?
Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports



  • Kevin Tame and Bobby Thompson (FullPressCoverage) Patriots Debate: Who was the bigger draft bust, N’Keal Harry or Aaron Dobson?
  • Murph (E2GSports) N’Keal Harry: Trade me right F%$&ing now!
  • Bill Burt writes how the N’Keal Harry embodies a Belichick whiff. The problem with Harry wasn’t the whiff on the pick, but the “opportunity cost”.
  • Jerry Thornton says N’Keal Harry is in danger of being cut in training camp.
  • Ryan Hannable highlights WEEI guest Mike Florio giving a few reasons why trading N’Keal Harry will be hard for the Patriots, besides the obvious lack of production.
  • Nick Stevens suggests how N’Keal Harry should have handled his situation with the Patriots.
  • CBS Boston suggests some teams that may want to swing a trade for N’Keal Harry.
  • Ricky Doyle highlights Ted Johnson explaining how Tom Brady’s exit indirectly led to N’Keal Harry requesting a trade from New England. “I think the Patriots, quite honestly, have lost that thing that makes them the Patriots,” Johnson said. “You take Tom Brady out of New England and the entire ecosystem has been disrupted. When have you ever seen a player take on Bill Belichick that has not accomplished anything in this league, like N’Keal Harry is taking him on so publicly?” /Just stahhp.
  • Jordy McElroy (PatriotsWire) Why N’Keal Harry and Sony Michel will likely both be gone by the trade deadline.
  • Thomas Carannante (MusketFire) Here are the financial implications of trading N’Keal Harry.
  • Murph (E2GSports) Mac Jones signs rookie contract. “Jones signed a four-year, $15.6 million dollar deal. Being a first-round selection, there is a fifth-year option the Patriots can (and more than likely will) choose to exercise, This deal according to Miguel Benzan AKA PatsCap leaves the Pats with $13.06 million in cap space.”
  • Jerry Trotta (MusketFire) Details of Mac Jones’ rookie contract surface after signing.
  • Ryan Hannble relays Mike Florio offering a unique way the Pats could use Mac Jones and Cam Newton in 2021.
  • Ryan Hannable wonders if the Patriots will be forced to choose between Stephon Gilmore and JC Jackson.
  • Ryan Hannable tries to figure out who will lead the Patriots in receptions this season.
  • Evan Lazar starts off his ten most important Patriots in 2021 list with No. 10, Matthew Slater.
  • Jerry Trotta (MusketFire) Three overlooked players that have potential to be team MVP in 2021: Isaiah Wynn, Damien Harris and JC Jackson.
  • Ian Logue (PatsFans) Patriots news and NFL notes, 5 things to know. 1) Tuesday’s news of N’Keal Harry’s agent coming out and formally requesting a trade was a surprise, although the premise itself obviously isn’t.
  • Logan Mullen mentions that a bettor placed a bold (perhaps absurd) wager on the Patriots’ Super Bowl odds: a $10,000 New England Super Bowl future to win $300,000. 30-to-1 odds.
  • A Clare Perspective podcast: Clare Cooper and Tom E. Curran break down the N’Keal Harry news, chat about the off season antics and more! (29 min.)