Brady's passing vs. willingness to take less vs. allowed BB to pay others less

Brady v Rodgers and Big Ben. For sake of this discussion, let's call them equiv on the field, though that's not true, Brady more clutch. But diff in 3 other areas.

1. Brady takes less cash. Saves what, $5 million/year for big chunk of their careers?

2. Brady taking less allowed BB to pay OTHERS less. This is Ted Johnson's point in last few days.

BB might have saved ANOTHER $5 million/year by convincing some other guys to take less cash, specifically by pointing to Brady. Or put another way, why he had to pay full price for....Nelson Agholor, etc.

3. Brady (until he stopped) letting BB coach him "hard" (like Tim Duncan) allowed BB to do same to others.

How much cap space would coaches pay for the ability to coach a Randy Moss hard but have him tolerate it (for a while) b/c, as Moss recounted, he believed BB was fair to everyone b/c Brady "took it." $2 million/year?

My questions:

Are #2 and #3 combined actually a bigger hit to Pats' cap than #1?

Did Bill realize #2 and #3 would happen to the degree it has, or not?

Would things have gone any differently in the fated BB-Brady call if BB had said something like...

"Listen, you are worth way more than Rodgers, not just b/c of your arm, but because you allow GM me to negotiate hard with others, and Coach me to be tough with others. I want to acknowledge that. But you stopped the second thing. I really want you back but I need to keep taking some discount and stop pouting so I am free to coach you without walking on eggshells."

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