Great Patriots with careers that got to off to a slow start...

With the Patriots adding Jahlani Tavai to the practice squad and picking up Malcolm Perry off waivers I got to thinking about Patriots who had careers that got off to a slow start, but ended up being key members of the dynasty:

Troy Brown had 2 catches in his first two season, and never had more than 41 receptions until he had 83 in his 8th season.

Mike Vrabel had more tackles in his 1st season with the Pats (63) than he did in his prior 4 seasons with the Steelers (56).

Rob Ninkovich played a total of 8 games in his first 3 seasons.

Wes Welker had zero targets as a rookie. He caught a total of 96 catches (not bad) in his 2nd and 3rd years before putting up 112 catches (led the league) in his 1st year in NE.

Julian Edelman had a nice stretch as a rookie followed by 3 quiet season before breaking out with over 100 catches and 1000 yds in year 5.

Kyle Van Noy was a second round bust in Detroit, and, frankly, nothing special when he was first traded to NE for a 6th round pick. He turned out pretty good too.

Who am I missing? Who is next? I don't think Jakobi Meyers would count even if he has a big year. He was too good in years one and two. It would be a pretty typical progression. I'm sure some will pick Harry. But I'm not a believer. Anyone else?

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