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Josh McDaniels reportedly not expected to pursue head coaching opportunities in the postseason

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NFL: JAN 09 Patriots at Dolphins Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For years, New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was one of the hottest names on the head coaching market. More recently, however, interest in his services seems to have declined. After taking just one interview in each of the last three offseasons combined he has thus far not received any requests this year.

A total of seven head coaching positions are open at this point in time, but at least as long as the Patriots are in the postseason McDaniels is not expected to pursue any of them. According to a report by Sports Talk 790’s Aaron Wilson, the 45-year-old is “focused solely on preparations for the playoffs” instead of any job opportunities.

The absence of any team requests is an ominous sign, though. Obviously, however, a lot can change once the Patriots depart the playoffs either through a loss in one of the first three rounds or following the Super Bowl.

Why there is a lack of interest in McDaniels’ services is anyone’s guess, but his past endeavors into the head coaching world might be a reason why.

His first tenure as a head coach ended in disaster and controversy when the Denver Broncos fired him halfway through his second season. He had compiled an 11-17 record before being let go amidst a 3-9 start and a videotaping scandal.

He had rebuilt his reputation by 2018 and as offered the Indianapolis Colts’ job. McDaniels verbally agreed to take it but pulled out before officially signing any contract; at that point the team had prematurely announced the hire. Since leaving the Colts at the altar, McDaniels has participated in only three interviews.

His recent coaching performance is likely not among the reasons for his quiet 2022 hiring cycle thus far, though. The Patriots’ long-time offensive play-caller and quarterbacks coach built a successful offense around Mac Jones, helping the rookie adapt to the NFL and playing the most promising football of any first-year QB to enter the league this season.

His work with Jones seems like a natural qualifier for openings such as the Jacksonville Jaguars’ or Chicago Bears’, two teams that also selected quarterbacks in Round 1 last spring. And yet, neither team has expressed interest in McDaniels so far.

Will they wait until New England’s playoff run is over to do so? That is entirely possible if they feel highly confident that he is the most qualified choice out there. More likely, however, they will try to make their moves as quickly as possible to have a staff assembled at the earliest possible point.

One candidate they might have an eye on is New England inside linebackers coach Jerod Mayo. The lone Patriots assistant to see an interview request come his way, Mayo is on the Broncos’ radar.