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Talking to Bill Belichick after Patriots-Bills ‘meant a lot’ to Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen

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AFC Wild Card Playoffs - New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The New England Patriots did not stand a chance against the Buffalo Bills in the wild card playoff round, losing with a final score of 47-17. The final score shows how lopsided the game was, but to truly understand the Bills’ performance especially on the offensive side of the ball one number stands out: 100.

Buffalo converted 100 percent of its drives not ending either half into touchdowns. They went 7-for-7, with New England’s defense unable to manufacture even one stop on the night.

It was one of the worst defensive performances in playoff history, and one of the worst efforts ever put forward by a Bill Belichick-coached team. After the game, the Patriots’ head coach sought out the Bills’ best player to congratulate him in person: quarterback Josh Allen.

“He came up to me, which is really cool,” Allen said during a recent appearance on the Pat McAfee Show. “I have lot of respect for him and what he’s done over his career, and obviously he’s one of the, if not the, greatest coach of all time.

“So, for him to come up to me after a game and give me some kudos and dap me up meant a lot to me, just knowing the type of coach that he is, the type of players that he’s been around and he’s coached, and obviously the success that he’s had throughout his career. It was a pretty cool moment for me.”

Allen finished the game having completed 21 of 25 pass attempts for 308 yards and five touchdowns. He also gained 66 yards on six rushing attempts. The Patriots did not have any sort of answer for him, failing to sack him even once on the night or limit him in any other way.

After the game, Belichick praised Allen for his performance.

“Like, ‘What you did out there was awesome,’” Allen said. “‘You played well tonight. We didn’t have an answer.’ I shared respect right back, obviously, because I’m a big fan of his and I could go on and on about the accolades that he has. But again, for a coach to do that — that high caliber — was pretty special.”

While the Patriots were sent packing due to their wild card loss in Buffalo, the Bills have advanced to the divisional round. They will visit the Kansas City Chiefs in a rematch of last year’s AFC title game.