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Patriots quarterback Mac Jones was ‘fired up’ after receiving a flashlight for Christmas

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NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being in his first NFL season, Mac Jones has looked like a poised veteran throughout most on his rookie campaign. As the quarterback’s unassuming personality is often the point of jokes by fellow New England Patriots players, his favorite Christmas gift may not help put those jokes to rest.

During his weekly Monday radio appearance WEEI’s on Merloni & Fauria, Jones was asked about his favorite gift from Christmas.

“Christmas is great. I got a new flashlight from my girlfriend. I needed one for the house and she delivered,” Jones said with a laugh. “We were fired up. It was great.”

Jones being “fired up” over receiving a flashlight is really no surprise. Since being drafted by New England 15th overall in April, Jones has made it’s clear he’s all about football. Perhaps with the early New England sunsets, Jones can put that flashlight to use while studying the playbook late at night.

The quarterback did not mention if he received any new clothes for Christmas, as linebacker Matthew Judon said Jones has no “drip” after Sunday’s 50-10 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Judon has often poked fun at the rookie’s personality and demeanor, but Jones takes the jokes in stride.

“I have some good outfits. I just don’t always wear them,” Jones said on WEEI. “Maybe next time I’ll wear one for Judon so he sees I got some ‘drip.’”

During the holiday season, Jones did some gift giving as well. The rookie put together gift baskets for his offensive lineman, which included Bitcoin.

“Obviously, it’s important to get the big guys something for Christmas,” he said. “We just put together a little gift basket with a bunch of different things and that happened to be one of the things. It was just a lot of fun. They deserve it. It was really cool.”

Jones added that each present was personalized, with some having their numbers on it. He also included hand-written notes with personalized jokes to go with the baskets.

“When you’re giving a someone a gift, you just want to show them that you appreciate them and a written letter is always a good way to do it,” Jones said.

While the holiday season was a busy time for Jones, he wouldn't share his New Year’s resolution for 2022, just like his head coach.

“Yeah, I mean I’m not going to release any of those. But when the new year comes you want to work on yourself,” he said. “I don’t think too much about it. Focus on what I can control.”

What Jones can control is his play, which has been well enough to get the Patriots back to the playoffs after a year hiatus. But before that crosses his mind, Jones is focused on preparing for Week 18 against the Miami Dolphins.

“Every team has goals when they start the year and we talked about it early on and just focusing on each week,” Jones said. “I’m not necessarily going to talk about the playoffs or anything, but when that comes we’re going to approach it the same way we have every week. For this week, the most important game is this week. That’s what we’re going to focus on.”