5 Questions starting with Josh McDaniels

Would love your take. My wild guess is parentheses.

1. If Josh finishes ~5-12 or worse with Raiders, will he get fired? (40%)

2. If Josh is fired, will Bill bring him back? (50%)

- Would Bill saddle Steve with Matty P if Mayo goes (no)

- So maybe Matty P as special ass't; Judge would have to go

3. In net, 20% chance of Josh returning to Pats

4. Assuming no Josh, do you clean house among offensive coaches or just run it back? Yikes. I feel stuck. The O has been SO bad. Yet BB has never cleaned house, has he? I can't recall. (30% Bill cleans house).

5. If Josh returns, or if Bill cleans house, then Mac gets another shot.

But if Bill runs it back with Matty, Joe, Billy Yates, etc....does Mac get another shot?

- 3% Brady

- 2% Rodgers

- 2% Jimmy G

- 20% Zappe

- 10% Other Guy

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