Patriots Bill Belichick Addresses How ‘Close’ Team Was to Deadline Trade


FOXBORO — For the second straight year, the New England Patriots elected to ‘stand pat’ at the NFL trade deadline. While several of their divisional and conference rivals seemed to be loading up for the stretch run, the Pats took a more tepid approach. Despite rumors surrounding the fate of receivers Nelson Agholor and Jakobi Meyers, running back Damien Harris and offensive tackle Isaiah Wynn, New England opted to keep the aforementioned players (all of which are in their final year of their contract with the team) in the Foxboro fold for the remainder of the season. As a result, coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots brain trust are wasting no time in putting the past behind them. "We’re done," Belichick told reporters on Wednesday. "Trade deadline’s over. That’s done. So, moving on." Though New England’s inactivity was a bit frustrating for some within the fan base, Belichick was careful to remind everyone that improving the team is an ongoing process, both pre and post-deadline. Despite being open to discussion, the Pats ultimately decided that making a move at this time was not in the best interest of the football team. Still, that does not mean that the Patriots were proverbially ‘asleep at the wheel’ during the days and hours leading up to Tuesday’s 4 p.m. deadline. "We're always looking to improve," Belichick added. "We added a couple of practice squad players. It would be hard for me to say there won't be any roster moves between now and the end of the year." The practice squad players to which Belichick referred are rookie offensive lineman Hayden Howerton and veteran punter Michael Palardy. Though each filled needs within the roster, neither can be considered ‘needle-movers’ for New England’s pursuit of a playoff spot.