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Patriots quarterback Mac Jones aims to ‘create something really special’ through My Cause My Cleats

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My Cause My Cleats initiative is a charitable event that allows NFL players to design their cleats in connection to a charity of their choosing. New England Patriots starting quarterback Mc Jones will debut his pair on Thursday, in a matchup against the Buffalo Bills.

“I think it’s just a great thing for everybody around the NFL” Jones told Pats Pulpit. “I think it is going to be a great opportunity for everybody involved.”

The sophomore quarterback is supporting the Boys and Girls Club and has designed his cleats based around their organization. They were created by artist Joshua Vides and feature the logo of the Boys and Girls Club:

“There is a lot of energy when you go into the Boys and Girls Clubs and if I can just inspire one kid then my day is made,” Jones said.

Charitable events have been a big part of his career so far and the local Jordan Boys and Girls Club is especially important to him as he pointed out.

“I got a chance to go, and we did everything you know, football, arts and crafts, to playing on the play gym to going into the recording studio,” said Jones. “We kind of got to do everything so it was cool.”

The connection that Jones has with these organizations makes it fairly easy for him to balance charitable events with his football responsibilities.

“A lot of people are very passionate about what they do, and I think it is a good way to match the two together and create something really special,” said Jones.

These reasons made it very easy for Jones to also partner with Gillette, namesake of the Patriots’ home stadium, in connection to all of this. The cleats will be auctioned off after the game against the Bills, and Gillette will match the total that they are sold for. This essentially allows double the funds to be donated to the Boys and Girls Club through My Cause My Cleats.

The financial aspect of the initiative is obviously important, but how the cleats look also matters to the people involved — including the kids at the Boys and Girls Club.

“Obviously you want to incorporate the kids, and I actually asked a lot of the kids in past visits what they want the cleats to look like and take some of their suggestions and try to incorporate it as best as I can,” Jones said.

The main goal from all of this, though, is to raise awareness for the Boys and Girls Club. My Cause My Cleats gives athletes the power to promote organizations that they care about on a national stage which definitely helps raise that awareness.

Now in his second year in the NFL, Jones recognizes the power of the initiative and is personally invested in the organization he is supporting. And he is not alone: a total of 43 members of the Patriots — including players, coaches and team staff — are participating this year.